The Maze in the Heart of the Castle Essay

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The Maze in the Heart of the Castle
Dorothy Gilman’s fiction adventure “The Maze in the Heart of the Castle” is about a young boy named Colin who has nothing to lose and everything to gain. This takes place along time ago, when Colin’s parents die tragically when Colin is only 16 years old. Sad and seeking answers, Colin seeks answers from his religious teacher Brother John. John tells Colin that he might want to go see the Grand Odlum, a mysterious man who lived at an old castle. Colin takes Brother John’s advice, and decides to find the Grand Odlum.
The Grand Odlum tells Colin that comes from a land far away, and that the only way to get to this land is to travel a long journey, which begins in a huge maze in the heart of a castle. The
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His name was Talmar. This started the horrible dictatorship of the Talmars.
Colin becomes friend with a Talmar named Zan, and together they overthrow the dictatorship of King Talmar, and end the dictatorship. Colin, who is sure he hasn’t reached the land the Grand Odlum spoke of, decides to continue his journey.
Traveling with a horse that the Talmar’s gave him, Colin soon reaches a forest type area, and he can see that the snow-capped mountains have neared. In the forest he meets a girl named Charmian, who he falls in love with. They live months in the woods, slowly reaching the snowy mountains. Colin decides that they should be married, but just as he thought this, Charmian begins to betray Colin. She leaves him to die one morning, taking almost everything that belonged to him. Only Colin’s will to reach the end keeps him alive.
Shortly after, he is found by another small group of peoples whom live atop the snowy mountain, in a small cave. They take care of him, and show him many wood trades. They are very kind, yet they don’t want him to ever-go outside. He believes that these people are another obstacle that is keeping him from reaching the end of his journey. He decides to break out one night and leaves the warm caves. He is met by cold snow, but drags on to the other side of the mountain.
Shortly after, Colin learns that only a valley lies between him and the land he
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