The McCain-Feingold Bill Essay

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The McCain-Feingold Bill Is the campaign finance system an important issue or just another made up problem. Well, it is an important issue and must be dealt with. Many groups have tried to set up proposals to alleviate the increase spending on campaigns. The latest shot was introduced by Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, and Senator Russell D. Feingold, Democrat of Wisconsin called the McCain-Feingold Bill. This bill was oriented to stop the influences of money in politics. The bill was focusing on banning “soft money” which is the unregulated and unlimited donations which are given by private investors and persons to the different political parties. The intention is a good one, one that would help the…show more content…
HE feels that it is his duty to convince his fellow Republicans to help his reform. One particular oppositionist is Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky who says “If I’m correct and there’s no consensus on the problem they’re trying to solve, it’s a small wonder that they can’t reach a consensus on the solution.” McConnell is trying to say that he does not feel that there is even a problem with the money being spent on campaigns so why solve it. Other opposers say that it limits freedom of speech. But there are some reasons still to hope. In the Senate there is a small but increasing number of Republicans that seem to be willing to seriously consider thinking about the campaign proposals by McCain and Feingold. This shows the shift in the GOP which can help the bill. Another boost is the factor that McCain will keep the campaign finance issue on the front-burner as a presidential topic as long as he remains in the race. His campaign could very well of received a boost when Mrs. Elizabeth Dole announced her dropping out of the Presidential race because of lacking funds and financial competitiveness. This should be a help because it is the backbone of the McCain-Feingold Bill. I feel that this is an important bill because I feel strongly about too much money is needed for campaigns. I feel for Mrs. Dole
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