The Mcdonald 's : Introduction And History

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Topic II: The McDonald’s INTRODUCTION AND HISTORY McDonald’s was founded in San Bernardino, California as a drive-in restaurant by Richard and Mac McDonald. Their specialty was the 15 cent hamburger. Ray Kroc, a business partner of the McDonalds, oversaw the restaurant’s process and made sure the employees were up to date and what was being served and what was popular at the time. Milkshakes. By the late 60s, McDonald’s grew to 1000 locations in America. It was around that time that the first international restaurant opened in Canada. Today, people go to McDonald’s to order a wide array of fuel: from salads to their famous McRib and with over 34,000 restaurants in 119 countries, it is no wonder that McDonald’s is a worldwide icon. Cheap fast food. Hungry people. McDonald’s. I walked in expecting a totally similar experience to my previous venture to Pizza Hut. I was wrong. I was welcomed by a tasty aroma and a friendly cashier. It was around lunch time when most of the people got off from work to eat fast. There was an empty seat near the window and I sat there to observe the people of the restaurant. Their privacy was not invaded; I asked several of them if I could use them as informants for this article. LAYOUT OF A TYPICAL EATERY Every McDonald’s layout is different. Some have the ambient lamps that make the environment seem relaxed while others have the blinding industrial lights that make you wish you were not there. The floors were kept tidy as were the tables. There
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