The Mckinley Assassination

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The McKinley Assassination

There have been four presidential assassinations dating all the way back to April 15, 1865. William McKinley took office on March 4, 1897. McKinley was shot twice at point-blank range. He died eight days later. This event changed the secret service and how they work forever. Ever since President McKinley was shot the presidential security became more intense and cautious. The secret service are always watching out for potential threats.

William McKinley was born on January 29, 1843, his parents are William McKinley Sr. and Nancy Allison McKinley (“William” bio 1). He was born in Niles, Ohio and attended Allegheny College to be posted as a country school teacher. He then enlisted in the Union Army during the Civil War in 1861 and earned the rank of Brevet Major of Volunteers (1). After the Civil War he returned home, started studying law, and eventually moved to Canton, Ohio to open his own law firm (1). Very soon after he moved to Canton, he married Ida Saxton, the daughter of a local banker (1). McKinley then entered Ohio politics in 1869 where he quickly rose through the ranks as a Republican ultimately becoming the twenty-fifth president of the United States (1).

As President McKinley led the army through a 100-day
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The trial of Leon Czolgosz, the execution of Leon, the inauguration of Theodore Roosevelt. William McKinley will always be remember by leading us through the Spanish-American war. He will also be remembered by his last words “go easy on him boys.” This event affected the secret service in many different ways as have the other assassinations. This one made it difficult for anyone to shake the president’s hand without going through a thorough inspection. All the events nowadays have ample security the security will search and inspect you if they even suspect you to have a gun or
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