The Mcworld As Termed By Barber

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According to Barber there are two forces in the world that are fighting each other. These forces are McWorld which fights to connect the world and Jihad which fights to segregate the world into the smallest communities possible disconnected from others. The McWorld as termed by Barber is composed of four imperatives. These are, a market, resource, information-technology, and an ecological imperative. The market imperative for a McWorld is the need for all nations to be a part of an open and free trade market internationally and not secluded in only their nation. This open international market creates a form of peace between nations for in order to it to function properly there must be rules, reliability and understanding of the process. A resource imperative in the McWorld is simple in that that every nation needs something that another nation can provide. “Every nation, it turns out, needs something another nation has; some nations have almost nothing they need (Barber)”. The information-technology imperative for a McWorld is one that allows “technologies combining to create a vast interactive communications and information network that can potentially give every person on earth access to every other person, and make every datum, every byte, available to every set of eyes (Barber)”. In order for a worldwide operation, that business needs a constant update of new information and adaptability to change and obtain new technology. Last, the ecological imperative in the
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