The Meal M8 's Objective

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OVERALL STRATEGY Meal M8’s objective is to provide an expanding database of recipes prepared by a professional chef that is focused on an underserved market segment: Healthy meals for children that allow simple preparation and social engagement between parents and their children. To achieve this goal or strategic position emphasizes: • An easily searchable database with recipes prepared by a professional chef • Focus on ingredients and recipes that appeal to children yet are healthy • Searchable database that allows for easy functionality in replacing ingredients • Partnership with whole foods with a focus on “in season” ingredients • Activity focused to allow for child engagement in eating healthy STRENGTHS Focus is on parent and…show more content…
Approach to minimize this risk: Initial marketing plan will be very important in rapidly increasing the awareness of website and application to create enough traffic to overcome the monthly expense from having a professional chef. Execution risk is another risk: Our professional chef has to do some preliminary research each week on assessing whether the ingredients and replacement ingredients are available at whole foods for the recipes they are preparing each week. Approach to minimize this risk: Sortability of the website and app for eliminating ingredients that are not currently available will be key to overcoming this risk. Close partnership with whole foods will be key to minimize the time spent misleading customers on what is available and what is not available each week. Technology risk is another risk: Functionality, maintainability, and safety of the website and application will be key. Online payments, untimely updates of recipes and accompanying them based ideas, and not fully advertising what is in each recipe will rapidly decrease traffic to the company. Approach to minimize this risk: Staged approach of offering limited services to start is one approach. Another approach that fits more into increasing overall traffic more rapidly is partnering with a software company to managing the database (functionality,

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