The Meaning And Role Of Health Promotion

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Candle Lighters Garden Party Report
Within this report a health promotion activity will be evaluated. The meaning and role of health promotion will also be explored along with an evaluation of health education, and exploring the nature of the preventive approach and the behaviour change approach and the role of empowerment in health promotion. Additionally, in this report it will contain two aspects of epidemiology and their effects on health promotion.
6.1 Plan a health promotion activity, 6,3 undertake a health promotion activity.
On Tuesday the 4th of April 2017, a health promotion activity took place at Calderdale College to promote a Leeds based children’s cancer charity Candle lighters UK please see appendix 1 of presentation of Candle
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The many roles for health promotion is to positively influence human’s health behaviour within both communities and individuals. It is important as it enhances the quality of life for all people, reduces premature deaths and lowers cost from NHS (Kelly, Zyzanski, and Alemagno, 1991). An example of health promotion is the Macmillan coffee morning that takes place every year in order to educate people about cancer and how your life style can influence chances of developing cancer (Macmillan Coffee Morning,…show more content…
The premature approach is broken down into three type of prevention the first is primary prevention. Primary prevention is to lower the risk of onset of disease for examples through the use of immunisation and also encouraging non smoking to stop. The second type is secondary prevention, within this stage the aim is preventing progression of disease for example smear screening. The final stage is tertiary prevention, the aim is to reduce further disability and suffering in those individuals already ill for example rehabilitation, patient education and palliative care. However requirements are needed for the preventive approach one of these are that preventive procedures have to be based on a rationale derived from epidemiological evidence. A positive aspect of this approach is the prevention and early detection of disease is more cost efficient than the money used for the treatment (Snyderman and Yoediono, 2006). Candle lighters can not be linked to the preventive approach as they is no known prevention, cause or 100% effective treatment for childhood cancers (Cancer.Net,
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