The Meaning Of Death In The Giver

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What if one's love, whom they cherished died without them knowing? Would one love them more than ever after hearing upon the sad news? Life in the popular book, The Giver stopped anyone of knowing the truth of death. In their world Chief Elder or their leader, kept something hidden for very particular reasons. Death had been disguised by giving it a new name, release, and it’s own definition. Changed and modified, making sure feeling were locked up inside. Release is merily an excuse to cover up the crime of murder and millions of them. Hiding something does not stop and prevent people from dying. Infact, it's speeding up the process.

“He killed it! My father killed it!” (Lowry pg. 150). This is clear evidence of madness and sadness built up in Jonas. Whom who reads this knows Jonas pain and feeling. The young man was just like any other community member, blind to death. Before it had meant leaving to elsewhere. After hearing the truth nothing could stop Jonas from having the heavy feelings. Which is exactly what the community needed.
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Meaning when the Chief Elder changed the meaning of death she changed the reactions. Why else would she hide it? She didn't want emotions. Surely she would not have gone through all the trouble of changing such a huge concept jf it did not even matter. Leaving it would destroy her plans of the perfectly imperfect community. Her plan was to draw attention away from the community, so she kept the release ceremony a small thing. But like every other decision she had made it was wrong and caused a horrible workd for them to live in. The Chief Elder did not want any feelings, so instead of trying to eliminate them she made it a daily secret to be kept. “ Jonas felt a ripping sensation inside himself. The feeling of terrible pain clawing its way forward to emerge in a cry” (Lowry pg.151). At the very least Jonas felt emotion, what he longed for the community and him to
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