The Meaning Of Faith In Kiierkegaard's Fear And Trembling

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Vonzyl Taylor
Paper 3
PHIL2310-The Meaning of Life
Professor LaMendola
Fall 2017
Leap of Faith
In the selection from Kierkegaard’s Fear and Trembling, explain the aesthetic man, ethical man, and knight of faith. How does this do each of these people figure into Kierkegaard’s argument for taking “a leap of faith”? Using Kierkegaard’s argument, explain whether or not the story of Abraham is describes a meaningful life.
Kierkegaard’s ideas on the meaning of life are conveyed in his writings of Fear and Trembling. In the selection, Kierkegaard speaks of three different types of people in three different stages of life. The aesthetic man, the ethical man, and the knight of faith. Each man, having a different meaning in life during each stage, eventually reaching the ultimate meaning of life. In the following, I will explain how each of these men fit into Kierkegaard’s argument for taking a “leap of faith”, as well as explain Why Abraham’s life is a meaningful life based off of Kierkegaard’s argument.
Kierkegaard believes there are three stages in life, The aesthetic, The ethical, and the religious. He also believes that one cannot reach the next stage in succession until he has negated everything in the previous stage of life. The first stage is the aesthetic stage in life. A man living life through aesthetics is known as the aesthetic man. The aesthetic man seeks pleasures for himself. He only engages in things that bring him pleasure. At this moment in his life, morals do not matter. They are not used as guidelines on how to live life. They are completely ignored. At this stage in life, man’s meaning is to heighten all individual pleasures. The Aesthetic man can be all different ages. He can be the 18-year-old leaving his parents’ home, ignoring all of the morals his parents tried to enforce on him. The 18-year-old now has ultimate freedom and can do whatever he please, or pleases him [ as he only seeks things and activities that will bring happiness and pleasure]. The aesthetic level can be the level one is born into automatically. If we raise up a child without sharing any moral ideas with the child, he will most likely indulge in pleasures to alleviate pain and boredom. To imagine an aesthetic man, think of

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