The Meaning Of Freedom In World Literature

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People can use World Literature in lots of ways but it is really used for is to get better at writing and to get better at critical thinking. The meaning to World Literature is a body of work written from lots of nations and known as literature throughout the world. People can use freedom in many ways in world literature and especially in books. The meaning of freedom is the power to act, to speak and to do anything he or she would like to do without anyone or anything stopping them. There is many types of freedoms in world literature starting with good freedom. Good freedom is something he or she would like to do and do it whenever he or she want but good freedom can also be having hope that something good will happen or that he or she can finally do something or a whole community can not do some day. Evidence of good freedom on the book Night “At six o’clock that night, American tanks are at the door or Buchenwald”(Wiesel 115). “OUR FIRST ACT AS FREE MEN was to throw ourselves onto the provisions. That is all we thought about. No thought of revenge,or parents. Only of bread”(Wiesel 115). This evidence is an example of good freedom because the American army finally came to help them and now the people are freemen,free women,free children and now they are full of happiness that it is finally over and that they can do what they want and finally eat and drink when they want and get their life back together. They did not want revenge because they are free now from
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