The Meaning Of Happiness : Persuasive Essay : Finding Happiness

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WEIGHT: We work hard everyday because we all have something that we want to achieve. We all have a dream. A dream that we believe will bring us happiness. But in working hard everyday with our blood, sweat, and tears, we constantly feel stressed and pressured. We feel that our destination seems to take forever to reach. We often feel depressed and wonder, ‘when will I ever find my happiness?’. However, if you really think about what happiness is, it’s really nothing much. I feel like maybe people are going out of their ways to find happiness. It’s really great to think that you’re sacrificing now to be happy later on. It’s great to be ambitious and aim for more and more to be happy in the future. But if you are unhappy during the process of chasing your dreams, chances are that you might give up your dreams. Therefore, I think one of the best way to live life is to learn how to enjoy what is in the present. Life is like a tree with several branches; branches of sadness, hope, regret, fear, and happiness. As we grow older and the tree grow taller with new branches, the old branches turn into memories. Memories of sadness, hope, regret, fear, and most importantly happiness. If I ever forget the true meaning of happiness, these memories of happiness will be there to remind me. If you want to be happier and stronger, you have to learn how to find happiness in the moment, or else you will only become weaker. If you know and feel this moment truthfully with the heart and you’re ready to accept the present you are living in, then from the time you are born, your entire life can be beautiful. If someone doesn’t know this, then their life will never life will never be beautiful no matter how rich, famous, and successful their life is. This is because happiness is not something you can achieve. You can still feel happy during the process of achieving something. In this moment I might be experiencing a tough time, but this moment can also be the most beautiful moment in my life. Because even though I’m going through a difficult time, I can still find specks of happiness to give me strength to breathe, live, continue chasing my dreams, and hope for better days.
I woke up feeling suffocated from the dry heat. My
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