The Meaning Of Human Nature

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The Meaning of Human Nature The social contract seems to be open to be an ideology that is left to interpretation by everyone that has either wrote or read about it based on their individual definitions of what it means to be in the state of nature. Throughout this course we began with Thomas Hobbes, whose beliefs seemed quite ridiculous at times, but his ideas about what it meant to be a person in the state of nature, were supported by what he believed to be true. Much like when Jean-Jacques Rousseau stated that fact does not matter before going into detail about what he believed to be true about the state of nature, he stood by his ideas with observations that he has made. While the social contract may not always be exactly true, it is used to make sense of the how the world works. For the purpose of my paper I will focus on how Thomas Hobbes and Jean-Jacques Rousseau concept of how human nature is changed after the social contract is formed. Their ideas of human nature are based upon what they are certain to be true about what it means to be in the state of nature. Prior to the social contract, Hobbes claims that society is in a state of war when they are in the state of nature. In the state of nature or war, he would describe life as, “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short” (76). During this time, everyone is constantly living in fear because they are all equal, meaning they all have the ability to kill one another. A part of human nature is fear. With the constant
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