The Meaning Of Islam And The Five Pillars

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The Meaning of Islam and The Five Pillars When you think about Islam what comes to mind? Do you think of hatred and war, terrorism, mistreatment of women or do you think of peace and prosperity, equality, and a religion of love. Whether you connotate Islam as a religion of peace or a religion of hatred, it is very likely that what you believe is strongly influenced by external sources whether that is: news, social media, etc. It is common in today’s world for people to believe in what they hear especially in terms of religion. Rather than looking into and investigating what the religion is all about, we find people take what they hear for granted. I believe the reasoning behind this is that we as a people are lazy. We receive things with very little effort compared to the past. Things come into our hands more easily than in the past and this has progressively lead us to being lazy and giving little effort into the things in which we do. Instead of working for something we want it to come to us without putting in the effort. For example, not in the very far past before there were computers and before Internet came into existence and the search engines such as Google, students who had projects just like we do now had to take very good notes in class, they had to listen very well and they would need to go and find books and read those books in order to get the information they require. There was a lot of effort and hard work required, however today you can go find everything
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