The Meaning Of Life By Julian Baggini

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When people invest an abundant amount of time in a task, whether it be trivial and mundane like finishing the laundry, or important and time consuming like attaining a degree, they tend to want to be validated that they are spending their time in a meaningful way. Philosophers are often sought out for their wisdom and to answer the deep and mind-bending questions common people don’t intensely ponder. Though what the meaning of life is seems to be unique to each individual, when a philosopher asserts they have revelated the meaning of life, it is imperative to investigate their claims. In an article entitled Revealed-the meaning of life, philosopher Julian Baggini claims he knows the answer to one of life’s most burning question, what is…show more content…
To illustrate his line of thinking relating to these concepts, he compares the pondering of life to a Celine Dion concert. He explains “Compare that to a more mundane question, such as why on earth you are sitting in the front row waiting for a Celine Dion concert to begin. One answer is because you bought a ticket, took a train and then your seat. That explains why you 're there in a backward-looking way. Another answer is that you 're there because you want to hear Dion sing, which explains your presence in a forward-looking (though somewhat baffling) way.” The moral of this extended yet amusing metaphor is that the answer one is searching for dictates the approach they implement to find said answer. Both methods, contemplating the future and the past, are still majorly flawed, as neither looking forwards nor backwards truly give the answer to the meaning of a person’s life or why they are on earth.
While looking at one’s ancestry and roots reveals where a person is originated from and the route that lead them to where they are today, it does not necessarily reveal the reasoning as to why they are in their current reality. Baggini explains this by stating, “It is perhaps surprising how often it is assumed that a look back to our origins will lead us to the meaning of life . . . if we take a long, cold look back to our origins, we just find ape-like ancestors and an evolutionary trail that leads back to the big bang.” Whether an individual believes

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