The Meaning Of Life

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Feza Kamanzi
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December 6
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The Meaning of Life
In the world we live money, interest and pleasure are words more powerful than happiness. Not that they are not providing happiness but seems to be the only way to find a happy life. By happiness people these day mean success, joy in success. When asking people what they want in their life to be happy the majority respond “a lot of money”. The fact that those words take such important place in our lives makes a massive change in our society and our civilization around the world. Money is now the most important factor in our lives in many aspects. But does money really provide happiness?
Since we are living in a society we create social contract to divide and share task, responsibilities and live in cohesion all together. To value this form of labor division, we create money, first it was only exchange of production between laborers and later it became the dollars we all know. For this evolution and perpetuation, we can see the impact of money on the population, “The first form of money was shared food, which for many centuries preceded the evolution of coinage”. (Needleman 152) Many of our habits and our everyday materials have somehow a connection with the holy religion, for example the first coin were printed on one side a sacred religious symbol and one the other side a more regular symbol or an authority symbol. As Needleman say money at first was symbolized the loving giving and taking…

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