The Meaning Of Luther 's Ideas Through The Eyes Of Others

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The Meaning of Luther’s Ideas through the Eyes of Others Martin Luther’s religious ideas created an eclectic mix of responses dealing with social power and influence in society. Many people reinvented Luther’s ideologies to fit their wants and goals. This in turn influenced peasants to strive for social justice, the Pope to be on the defensive to maintain authority, and world leaders like Charles V to use the reaction of the Pope for personal gain. The life of the peasantry during the 16th century in Europe was to say the least unpleasant. They were impoverished, hungry, and oppressed. So, when Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation with ideas like “A Christian is a perfectly free lord of all, subject to none. A Christian is a…show more content…
This quote emphasizes the idea of freedom for all Christians and the fact that their oppression is not coming from the work of God also known as scripture. Instead, it is coming from greedy people who are taking advantage of others. These people are not embracing God’s truths according to the peasantry.
As well as the general oppression the peasantry faced while being considered second class citizens, they were forced to pay more taxes due to their social status. For example, when we look at this next quote we see the peasantry complaining about the unjust land taxes they are forced to pay. “Provision should also be made from this surplus to avoid laying any land tax on the poor. In case one or more villages themselves have sold their tithes on account of want, and each village has taken action as a whole, the buyer should not suffer loss, but we will that some proper agreement be reached with him for the repayment of the sum by the village with due interest. But those who have tithes which they have not purchased from a village, but which were appropriated by their ancestors, should not, and ought not, to be paid anything further by the village which shall apply its tithes to
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