The Meaning Of Recitiatif By Toni Morrison

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The meaning of Recitiatif is the nature of or resembling recitation or declamation (Meaning of Recitatif). In the story “Recitatif,” the author, Toni Morrison, writes a story and never reveals the character’s nationality. Toni purposely does this and leaves certain context clues to help the reader figure it out themselves. Although the context clues are very sudden and are still hard to distinguish the difference between. Many people may fight and say that Twyla is white and Roberta is black, but there is more evidence that support the opposite way around with statements that include class, respect, wealth and, word choices. In the end however, one should see that it does not change the story plot line or how the characters are portrayed.
The first time the reader sees evidence that the children are of a different race is when they are compared as salt in pepper. Knowing that the children are different races raises the question of which one is which. In the argument that Twyla is a Minority and Roberta is a Caucasian, when the two children and their mothers go to church, Twyla’s mother goes and reaches to shake Roberta’s mother and Roberta’s mother scoffs and rejects the hand shake. In that time period, blacks were “less than” a white person, and for a white person to be seen shaking a black person’s hand is almost abnormal.
Shaking someone’s hand is a sign of respect and in that time, whites had little to no respect for blacks. Blacks were fighting for their rights and
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