The Meaning Of The Cross Essay

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Historically, the cross served as being a symbol of death, suffering, and execution. In today's world however, it means much more than that. For Christians, the cross is of an immense importance because of the fact that it provides simplicity, direction and motivation in people's chaotic lives. Most importantly, it is a representation of the affirmation of faith. Jesus was sent to earth to spread the word of God and to die for the sins of the Christian people. Therefore, the symbol of his heroic death, the cross, is something that Christians will continuously praise and hold in high authority. The death of Jesus forms the idea of liberation for his people. Christians understand the idea of "Christ's death and resurrection setting man…show more content…
It is something that is, and will always be there for people, just as Jesus was there for them when they needed him most. Jesus stated that he came "to give his life as a ransom for many" (McGrath 119). Jesus was successful with this goal, sparing the lives of many innocent people. His death is viewed as a "ransom," meaning he was sent as the people's way out, or their liberation. Jesus' death not only symbolizes liberation, but the fact that he died to save everyone, and in his death, everyone's sins were forgiven. It symbolizes the power of God in that he will always overcome evil and sin, and that we all can make ascension just as Jesus did. He suffered in his life, as we all have to in order to overcome sin and temptation. The cross is, and always will be, a symbol: A symbol of truth, trust and justification. Jesus was put to death by Pontius Pilot, and even though he literally washed his hands of Jesus and left it up to the people, he is still seen in history as being the prosecutor and the so called "person to blame" for the death of Jesus. Jesus was put to death for a very unjust cause, and in that sense, he also represents the people that are constantly being harmed and affected by unjust law systems in all kinds of different countries where there seems to be no hope, or no one to turn to but God. Jesus is not only a symbol of hope to Christians, but also a symbol of hope to anyone that is underrepresented, and
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