The Meaning Of The Holocaust

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The Holocaust The word holocaust from Greek origin has a horripilate meaning, but this word took a new meaning during the period from January 1933 to May 1945. During this time the worst murder persecution that assassinated 6 million Jews from Europe occurred, by the Nazis. The Nazis, took power in Germany in January 1933, considered that Germans were superior than other races specially Jews. Germans saw Jews as a threat to their purity; so, the “Final Solution” plan created by the anti-Semitic Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was the persecution and murder of millions of people in the concentration camps in Poland. In January 20, 1933, after won a higher percentage of votes in the elections of that year, Adolf Hitler, the head of the Nazi Party…show more content…
Germany got stronger and by the end of 1934,Hitler was absolutely the controller of Germany. Hitler continued with his idea against the Jews, which got stronger since the supported propaganda made a racial anti-Semitism. Nazis excused their racial beliefs with the evolutionary theories of Charles Darwin; since “Aryans” as the “superior race” were predestined to rule, while inferior races such Jews were destined to extinction. In 1935, Hitler started to restrict Jews, excluding them from the German society by removing their professions, burning books, private them from schools, taking away their properties, carrying ID cards marked with a “J” to identify them, and didn’t let them enter to public places or events. Jews terrified tried to leave German but it took months or years before leaving, so a lot of Jews opted to send their children…show more content…
Jews started to deport to Poland and forced to leave their homes to live in ghettos in deplorable conditions, what caused many diseases and starvation. In June 1941, began the “Final Solution” when Germany attacked the Soviet Union. The Einsatzgruppen, that were Mobile killing units divided into four groups, murdered by the end of 1942 more than 1.3 million Jews, usually by shooting them with automatic weapons. On January 20, 1942, the Wannsee Conference was a German government met that organized the extermination of Jews. This met marked the initiation of the murder of six million Jews. By 1942, Nazis had six killing centers, Chelmno, Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka, Maidanek and Auschwitz. The greatest percent of deported Jews were in Auschwitz where about two million people were assassinated there. These camps were used as slave labor camps, transit camps, death camps, or some camps combined these functions. The result was horrible; there could only be find diseases, starving, fear, mistreatment, all the worst feelings that a person could feel during his or her life were in there. Some young Jews were not killed immediately; Germans forced them to work wherever they needed workers. They worked to dawn until dark as slaves, without an adequate nutrition, some Jews worked until death. Another Jews were forced to walk hundreds of miles until death or were
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