The Meaning Of The Word Osteoporosis

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The literal meaning of the word osteoporosis is “porous bone.” Osteoporosis is a type of disease of the bones, which is caused by the bones becoming weak from either losing bone or making too much bone (NOF, 2016). The holes that are already in the bone become larger creating porous bone. This means the bones are now less dense thus making them weaker (NOF, 2016). Bones are made up of the three components collagen, living bone cells, and calcium-phosphate mineral complexes. The peak of bone mass happens around age of 18-25 (Bones, 2016). According to the national osteoporosis fund, the more bone that a person has at the time of the bone peak then the less likely you are to get osteoporosis later in life (Bones, 2016). Healthy, strong bones are like the foundation for your body. If they are weak then your body suffers. Bone mass decreases as we get older causing osteoporosis, which can lead to breaking bones (Bones, 2016). Women are more susceptible to forming osteoporosis than men are. However, osteoporosis can be prevented or slowed down by exercise and taking care of the body early on. Starting with the major factor of the disease would be weak bones. People lose bone mass as they grow older, and this is especially true for older women that have been through menopause. The bones begin to lose calcium and other important minerals, which cause them to become brittle, therefore, break more easily (Hurd, 2014). Bones are not solid. On the contrary they have

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