The Meaning and Value of a Teddy Bear

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I need you, you need me Imagine a child hugging a small bear tightly. The bear smiles at the child softly and the child smiles back at the bear with peace in his heart. This is an iconic image of a bear doll named teddy bear. Teddy bear is a symbol of innocent that protects children from fear and makes children to have good-night-sleep. Teddy Bears have been hogging loves from kids all over the world for a long time. Sometimes they are great companions when children are traveling their dream lands, sometimes they are warriors that save kids from nightmare and sometimes they come to lives when kids open their limitless imagination land. People’s love toward the teddy bear don’t stop even after they become adults There are tremendous number of toys these days, but this small bear doll with soft fur that was named after one of most popular American president Theodore Roosevelt has been a one of most popular doll for long time. Then how come this teddy bear became so popular? Why do people love teddy bear so much? What is that thing about teddy bear that brings a smile to your face? How come this super analogue doll can still be so popular in the world of advanced technology? Why do people put so much values over its original price? After all, real bear is one of the scariest animal on this planet. Teddy bears are the symbol of innocence you had when you were a kid. Every time we see teddy bear, that little child inside us wakes up and remind of us when we were being raised in
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