The Meaning of Adult Education: Quote Analysis

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Adult Education Quote Analysis "The resource of highest value in adult education is the learner's experience. Therefore all genuine education will keep doing and thinking together"¦experience is the adult earner's living textbook," so said Edward Linderman in his work The Meaning of Adult Education. For generations, education has tended to shy away from experience-based learning in favor of more structured models. However, utilizing experience within the process of education is still a powerful tool for instructors of students of all ages. Adult education students can benefit the most, as they already have a wealth of experiences and resources to bank on in their quest to adopt new learning into what they already knew and experienced. Therefore, it is true that within the context of the adult learner, experience is one of the most crucial learning resources. Using experience as a catalyst of learning is almost as old as learning itself. Experience-based learning is how mankind started learning from his most primitive position (Hansen 23). Essentially, experiences taught early human survival techniques which allowed them to grow and develop into more complicated societies with vaster amounts of knowledge to understand and utilize. However, "in the formal education system, it has tended to be developed and regarded as somehow fundamentally inferior to those organized forms of knowledge which have been constructed as subjects or disciplines" (Hansen 24). Past decades
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