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The Meaning of Authority


This can be defined as the power or right to give orders or make decisions an example of this being used is "he has the authority to issue warrants".

Authority is what maintains discipline; it enforces rules and regulations (helps to maintain it). Authority can come from one person or a group of people. Authority can have different meanings depending on the context in which it’s used in, it can mean:

Y When somebody’s opinions is accepted because they have better knowledge on the subject area

Y The right to enforce obedience on others

Y Or when a person in authority passes power onto another person, then people follow the commands given.
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You can make a complaint if you are a member of the public who:

Y Has been the victim of the misconduct by a person serving with the police. Misconduct could include a police officer or member of police staff being rude to you or using excessive force. It could also include unlawful arrest or an abuse of your rights.

Y Was present when the alleged misconduct took place, or close enough to see or hear the misconduct, and as a result suffered loss, damage, distress or inconvenience, or was put in danger or at risk.

Y Is a friend or relative of the victim of the alleged misconduct, distressed by the effects of the incident on the victim.

Y Has witnessed the alleged misconduct.

Y Is acting on behalf of any of the above. If you would like someone to make a complaint on your behalf, you must give them your consent in writing unless they are from a body such as a Citizens Advice Bureau.

The main complaints handled by the PCA are the following:

Y Assault when under arrest

Y Neglect of duty

Y Breaches of Police and Criminal Evidence Act codes

Once a complaint is put across to the PCA, a member is to look at the case and investigate whether the officer which would have been chosen by the Police Force. Regardless of how long the investigation takes this member will interact with the investigating officer exchanging findings about the

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