The Meaning of Blood in Macbeth by William Shakespeare

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v. 136-138). From history, one can learn that spilling blood is never the answer. Blood has the incredible power to shape one’s thoughts, actions and life. It begins life, when in the body it is essential for maintaining life, but once spilt, it can end life. Blood embodies several meanings which can be both good and bad. In some cases, it can represent bravery and nobility, but, more often, it is linked to betrayal, corruption, evil ambitions, and revenge, which can result in the abandonment of one’s morals. Ultimately, failure to learn lessons from personal experiences or “spilling blood” results in negative consequences. Physically and spiritually, blood has taken many different forms in my life and has taught me significant lessons. My first encounter with blood was at a karate tournament when my own blood was spilt due to a lack of judgment and impulsive attitude. During a sparing confrontation, my opponent was cheating in order to guarantee his victory. Despite knowing that violence would not solve anything, I was blinded by my fury and hit him with a powerful punch in the face. Unexpectedly, in a fraction of a second, the favor was returned with an even greater thirst for revenge and blood spilled down my face and neck, staining even my pure white karate gee. Not only were we injured, but, as a consequence of our actions, both of us were disqualified from the…
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