The Meaning of Color in Art

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Could it be the disposition and feelings it provokes to the viewer, the distinguishing factor in the meaning of a piece? Maybe color is used in the association of simply shadow work, used only in technical terms to create value and the curvature of a three dimensional illusion? Or maybe the use of color in artwork appears as simple as how one learned the use in childhood, gender identification: blue means male and pink means female. True, artists select colors to produce a certain mood or atmosphere; to create space, light, and shadow, however, in regards to the artist Cindy Sherman, color is used profoundly in gender roles and symbolism. Representation and hidden meanings found within artwork is not a new concept by far, artist have been using such method for centuries. Nonetheless, the unique and slightly nightmarish way the contemporary artist Cindy Sherman uses color in representational ways brings about a new light to a familiar technique. Cindy Sherman, an American artist born in 1954, is extensively acknowledged as one of the most prominent artist in contemporary art. During her career, Sherman has extensively used the infinite surplus of images from movies and television, the internet, magazines, as well as art history, to create a massive collection of confrontational artwork. In many of her pieces she has discovered the manufacture of contemporary identity as well as the significance of representation, especially in…
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