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Corporate social responsibility in can have a major impact on a business’ value. Polices are put in place in some corporations around the world, less-developed countries do not always have that leisure. I am going to be breaking down what CSR is, how CSR is in less-developed countries, how CSR is in developed countries. What is CSR? With all the resources that corporations have, they need to be socially conscious and make investments in their communities that they are stationed in. This is called corporate social responsibility, or corporation will abide by labor laws, be environmentally friendly, and are upholding human rights laws. CSR is defined in many ways for example philanthropy, or "going green." CSR can be in a sense a way to…show more content…
Asian companies tend to be conservative when it comes to giving details of this sort of CSR. This is partly because they are more modest about successes. Developed countries CSR In more developed countries such as Europe CSR policies are more likely to be found due to law in many of the countries that require them. For example 50% of companies in France have vocational education compared to 100% in Germany. Human rights policies are more likely found in UK, Germany and Norway. Codes of conduct on ethics, bribery and corruption are most common in Italy because of its well-known history of the mafia. Norway has more polices on indigenous people than any other European country due to its large number of indigenous population. In places like Japan and Korea fair wage, working weeks and overtimes are well developed. Malaysia and Singapore have a lot of trades taking place between countries and have more policies on corruption and bribery. In US, Canada, and Mexico policies on human rights are not so common. Comparing Canada to the US there is a large difference. Canada as a whole has a highest incidence of written polices and Mexico with the lowest. Comparison Countries that are more developed than other have policies and laws that push CSR to the front where as less-developed countries may not have that as an importance. The well being of the community in less-developed countries is not at the forefront due to other

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