The Meaning of Friendship

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Student Name Instructor Name Course Name Date Meaning of Friendship The term friendship is perhaps the most common term in the conversation of every individual, but there would be hardly few individuals who have ever tried to think how and under what circumstances this term was originated. Similarly, people seldom think about the meaning of this commonly used term. It is really difficult to find somebody who can define what a real friend is. These facts make friendship an excessively vibrant relationship and perhaps it is its most valuable beauty. Sometimes it happens that even a small thing tends to destroy friendship and at times even a small thing can help friends get closer to each other. Ginigrey reports that many times it happens that friends, like angels, enter the lives of individuals at a time when they are needed the most. They come in at a time of great difficulty to help, provide moral support, but as soon as the difficult situation comes to an end they tend to fade leaving space for some new friend to come in (1). It doesn't matter for how long the friend stays in the lives of an individual, rather what matters the most is the coziness, pleasure, sustenance and camaraderie that friend has provided. Even though the term friend is spoken differently in many languages, every language connotes this priceless liaison in a similar manner and that also in a positive way. For instance, in French it is termed as amigo, in Danish it is called as ven. However,
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