The Meaning of Human Life

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The Meaning of Life

What gives human life meaning is different for every individual. Some believe the meaning of life is found in love, and the bonds forged throughout one's adolescence as well as adulthood. Others find meaning in art, and the ability to create something completely new and original with one's own ideas and talent. Others still believe life is based on religious duty, and live their every living day believing that their ultimate salvation is formed based on the actions that are pursued in this life. I, however, believe that the meaning of life is in acquiring wealth and prestige through hard work and having an industrial spirit; these attributes of industriousness give me meaning, and the fruits of my labor are observable by others.
I know that this is my personal meaning of life because everything about my personality and wants and needs points me towards a life of great success. I do not believe love is everlasting, and am not particularly fond of religion as the answer to my present predicament. There is happiness, however, in knowing that I have worked hard to gain everything I could have ever wanted, and I want to feel happy in this way. Some may think that this is a greedy way to see life, but I do not share this view, instead I see it as doing my best to uplift everybody around me through my positive influence on the world. My parents were very important in shaping my beliefs on hard work, as they both have worked their entire lives and are very
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