The Meaning of Leadership

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“Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal.” (Northouse) I use to believe that leadership shows the confidence that many people do not portray, because my thoughts were that leadership was a group of people who stand up for the things that they believe. After an extensive study on the meaning of leadership, I have come to find that there is no way to specifically define the meaning of leadership, but there are ways to grasp a better understanding of what the aggregate meanings entail. The big questions that we are faced with are these; how is leadership approached in life, when is it practiced and needed, and who are some leaders in history that portray great leadership skills.…show more content…
The next subject that I will discuss is when leadership is practiced, and needed. According to Northouse research in administration as well as his own observation in the workplace, leadership takes place based on personal skills: technical, human, and conceptual. Technical Skill includes those who are able to use different tools and techniques in different areas of expertise. This type of leadership skill can be used in computer software companies, accounting firms, architecture, technology design, programming, and many other areas in the workplace. Technical skills are focused more in the middle and lower levels of management, and less in the upper levels for chief executives, CEO’s, and senior officers. Human skill is the ability to work with people, which is quite different from working with technical things. Human skills help with workers, and superiors and create a cooperative work place in which little conflicts take place, this meaning that the leader with human skills are able to look at all angles of perspective and easily mold everyone’s ideas together to be a fair environment for everyone. Those with the human skill incorporate many other leadership skills because they create a comfortable environment with integrity and encouragement as well as including of others. An eminent leader who is
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