The Meaning of Life In Literature Essay

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Almost every human being is faced with the philosophy of their meaning of life; why they were placed in the setting they are in and what they feel the need to accomplish in their lifetime. Because this question is such a broad, vastly fully unanswerable one, it can be argued that characters in fiction often try and find meaning based on the setting, or environment they find themselves in. Characters might often find themselves on journeys to sudden epiphany, typically in their immediate or close setting in hopes to answer that big question about themselves. Having said that, the meaning of life is always perceived on the basis of opinion, on what the character finds true to themselves, or what we as readers find true to them. Some come to …show more content…
Not the sea. You belong here, in this world of air and fire, you were born to walk on this land. All the words above the sea belong to you’ ” (85). Peri soon found herself no longer just a maid at the local inn, but by a new meaning became a metaphorical gateway between the two worlds for the two princes to regain their true capacities, for no one can find meaning, happiness and fulfillment until they are where they are meant to be. Without that, any journey to epiphany would become a never ending one, answers would always be out of ones reach, as if they were alway trapped. We always try to seek out that someone who may not themselves know the answers to any given question but we continue to search for answers in them because of a basic sense of safety that is eluded about them, for life itself is about questions, no one can go through it knowing all the answers. Peri would be that someone, a mentor for the sea prince who knew nothing more then his captivity in the sea, point him in a direction for him to find out answers about himself. As found from Sartre in Evolution and the Big Questions, “man is nothing else then what he makes of himself” (36). We always have control over our choices made, like as Peri had chosen to hex the sea. When the sea presented back possible meaning, she chose to pursue it; she was where she was supposed to be, hence her journey would lead to answers. Out of the sea which she could never go, emerged

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