The Meaning of Life for a Buddhist

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All of human life comes down to one thing, the making and breaking of relationships. These relationships are formed in order to feel emotions; love, happiness, sadness, anger, resentment. It is because of these feelings that people are able to form their own consciousness and find a purpose for themselves. Religions such as Christianity find the meaning of life to be forming a relationship with God and when you die, you are judged by your mortal sins and are forever sentenced to heaven or hell. Buddhism tries to find the meaning of life through enlightenment and the preservation of oneself throughout all existence. The meaning of life is at the same time the most discussed,yet taboo thing to talk about. The nature of having a volatile topic that is interpreted differently between people can be difficult, but it is needed in the preservation of the human race.
Why do we exist? What is the purpose for being here? What is our role in the universe? These questions are commonly asked, but there are never any direct answers. But why does there need to be an answer for everything? Those who are constantly seeking out the answers to every problem can have little faith on what is going on in reality. When thinking about the future and about what the outcomes are, or what is the purpose for something, they create voids that make the present feel less than it is. Why take for granted the past and worry about the future when the present is happening? The past…

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