The Meaning of Qualitative Research an Understanding of It

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The Meaning of Qualitative Research an Understanding of It
Eric Oliver Flores
Research and Writing I
Maureen Clemmons
October 15, 2011
Colorado Technical University

Abstract In this paper an accepted and cultured common agreement and understanding of what Qualitative Research does really means, as it is understood will be presented. Through reflections of the material there’s a need to seek and review established definitions and in doing so there’s a possibility to arrive at a defined understanding of qualitative research. Finally, discussions will be centered on how is the process of qualitative research applied and conducted by a social scientist and what would be the "growth edge" when it comes to educating
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Recent released studies deliver us with an enormous abundance of statistics indicating the discerning aggravated decay of social realms.
According to an on-line article published by leading global research organization (Martin, 2008) the author says that a report sponsored by a charity organization and some other authorities, and disseminated by a foremost University, their official papers, using governmental figures, they depict the melodramatic decay of our overall society in relation to other innovative developed countries and the escalating social inconsistencies within the country.
We need to swiftly move and work to bring the country’s greatness back to being that of what it may have been some years ago. To sustain future societal growth and to improve a country the newer generations ought to be guided and prepared to succeed. This is corroborated by the author of Creating better Features (Ogilvy, 2002) when he says that a superior share of the magnificence of being human lies in our aptitude to image better future expectations and make them happen. The fact is that a near future should be indeed better than what it is today.
Certainly this proposed dossier tries to understand the study society in general through qualitative research by studying society through a series of general research questions to better understand what 's broken with society and to quickly move and take the necessary steps to
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