The Meaning of Revenge within Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

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The Meaning of Revenge within Wuthering Heights The novel “Wuthering Heights” is about an orphan was raised within the mansion Wuthering height, who grows up and end up loving his childhood friends that is an upper-class girl. For the love of his life he faces a lot of consequences due to society’s view on both of their status. Revenge plays a huge role which is the main theme of the plot line. In the story “Wuthering Heights” Emily Bronte discuss the idea of revenge; she explains how a person can only take so much heartbreak betrayal before the turn to revenge as an option. This idea is proven through narrative point of view, conflict and sub-themes. Within “Wuthering Heights” there are two main narrators; Lockwood and Ellen also known as Nelly Dean. While Lockwood is the narrator to begin the novel, Nelly is the one who is explaining the love story between Heathcliff and Catherine to Lockwood through her perspective. Since Lockwood is the one who is interested in knowing about this love story and Nelly is the one who recounts the story to Lockwood, it shows how revenge becomes a main theme of the novel. When Lockwood read Catherine Earnshawn’s diary it states, “He has been blaming our father (how dare he?) for treating H, too liberally; and swears he will reduce him to the right place---“ (Bronte 24). Hindly’s jealousy over his father’s affection for Heathcliff is what originally starts the revenge cycle, because Hindley is the one who starts to abuse and
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