The Meaning of Work: The Variety of Motivators Essay

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Life is a ceaseless battlefield where people are born to adapt and to strive in their daily work. Even though most people agree that work is an essential element of their lives, they tend to have a variety of motivations for their different careers. Some people work because it is required for food and shelter. For example, in many poor families, their uneducated members do all types of laborious jobs to financially support their families. Another group of people works because they want to make contributions to their society. In Carl T. Rowan’s essay “Unforgettable Miss Bessie,” he describes his memorable high school teacher Miss Bessie, an interesting and dedicated teacher who guides many poor students to find their potential and to…show more content…
Therefore, they have no complaints about their unfair jobs in America. In fact, they choose to exchange their diligent effort for the dollars that provide their family back in Mexico a better life. Similar to the Mexican workers, my father did not have many choices about his career. He was born in a large poor family in a small village in mainland China. Because his parents were just poor farmers who could not afford to raise all of their seven children at the same time, my father did not have the chance to finish high school. Furthermore, he was obligated to take a responsibility to supply his family’s regular spending, so he had to leave home alone at the age of fifteen and to move to a big city where physical laborers were needed. He always told me that his adolescence was the hardest period in his life. He tried various types of tedious jobs because of his lack of working skills. He also told me what helped him survive through that period was the belief that he could take care of his family members by working hard. To him, the happiest moment during that period was the time he sent his salary back to his family. All in all, it is not unusual to find people who believe work is
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