The Meaning of Youtube Superstardom

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There is no doubt that todays young people have a love affair with the internet, and near it’s focus is the video hosting website, YouTube. YouTube first dotted the Internet radar in February of 2005, and is an online video-streaming form of entertainment. It was nearly instantly popular, and just as quickly became one of the most visited websites on the entire World Wide Web. While some viewers do not welcome its presentation, far more enjoy watching and creating videos on YouTube. YouTube videos range from being educational, instructional, and comedic, and sometimes plain stupid. Producing videos to upload to YouTube is being done by people of all ages from all over the world. According to author Alex K. Rich, “thirty-eight percent of Americans want to distribute content online.”(Rich 1) People were and are looking for a speedy and simple way to view and upload videos on the Internet to share with the world. YouTube has brought about a new form of superior amusement and entertainment to its viewers. Some of these personalities have caught fire on the Internet world. These users become superstars, some overnight, although some take a year to even get noticed. It has given people a substitute way to reveal themselves in the light of the media. A new and obtainable way to become famed has been presented to YouTube users, and the videos that these users post online may just be the ticket to bigger and better things.
Monica Hesse wrote in her article, “Will YouTube
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