The Meanings of Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality

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"The Meanings of Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality" The meanings of race, class, gender, and sexuality are definitely complicated and intertwined through intersectionality. To fully understand these meanings, one must first open his or her mind and recognize that social stipulations that society inflicts upon people need to be thrown away. One must ignore conceptions of something being static or natural (Mills 10). A naïve individual would consider race as simply a biological classification. However, in reality, race is actually a social stratification bestowed on people of color that has been controlling society for the past five hundred years (Mills 20). Unfortunately, race is an extremely unfair social hierarchy that is…show more content…
One can see that gender is actually a social label that is produced from social expectations (Ore 99). These "gender norms" have led to the distinct inequality and oppression of women. Due to these norms, women are seen as incapable of being political or rational because their social duty is to stay at home and take care of the children (Glenn 23). The social creation of gender surely undermines the severe communal disadvantages that females take on. Humanity must forget these general notions that have been brainwashed into every day life. Society is very much so obsessed with sexuality. The definition of sexuality has been molded from generations of stereotypical behavior. The social order tells people how to live their lives. This should not come as a shock since people are always concerned about social trends in clothing, behavior, and, culture. Subtlety, society has set the standard in sexuality by acknowledging the fact that heterosexuality is the norm. Society sees homosexuals as diseased individuals who are radically different outcasts just because they are expressing themselves (Ore 153). People must be able to think critically and understand what is normal. Homosexuals certainly do exist and play an important role in society so there is no reason why homosexuals should not be socially accepted. In conclusion, the definitions of race, class, gender, and sexuality have been molded by hundreds of years of
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