The Means Of Being Happy Essay

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Kiley Breitenfeld Dr. Romero Introduction to Happiness 10 December 2016 The Means of Being Happy Human happiness would be more widespread if everyone were to know how to achieve it, and choose to achieve it. Happiness, and the act of being happy, is not complex, but more a long process meant for a good person. Many authors over generations have been curious as to obtaining happiness, but in today’s world these authors0 are associated with happiness in connection to material goods. The true happiness comes from within and around oneself. Authors like Aristotle, Daniel Haybron, and Wendell Berry touch upon the basis of human happiness. They conclude that being happy is through living a virtuous life, one filled with connections to the Earth, with oneself and to those in the community. Aristotle mentioned in Nicomachean Ethics that happiness is the ultimate good, or the end goal of life. Getting to this good is only achievable through acts deemed virtuous. It takes many virtuous actions that can take up an entire lifetime. Happiness, therefore is achieved through the lives we lead. It is obtained by those who are good, because no bad person would do virtuous acts. In order to be happy you must also be good. This good is defined as morally balanced and fair in all acts. The virtuous acts a good person does can differentiate depending on their character. Some virtuous actions can include bravery, truthfulness, wit, friendliness, etc. But every person needs to be just, temperate
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