The Measurement Of Health Care Providers Are Responsible For Patient 's Personal Health Privacy

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In the healthcare settings, health care providers are responsible for patient’s personal health privacy and calculations to prevent any medical and diagnose problem. The useful technique of healthcare are the units of measurements and formulas. This is a useful way for medical providers and other health care professionals to give patient a professional and beneficial service to help prevent risks of medical inconveniences that will end with misfortunes and abuse charges.
Health care professionals learn the units of measurement to help understand taking vital signs, scheduling appointment for patients, dosage to give patient, reading prescriptions, and even how to read the instruments that are used to measure. “An example would be to read an instrument that measures temperature, one would be a nondigital thermometer. The nondigital thermometer long lines stands for one degree Fahrenheit and the small lines are 0.2 degrees each. An example to read a blood pressure gauge, each large line equals 10 mm Hg (millimeters of mercury) and each small line stands for 2mm Hg. Taking vital signs such as blood pressure, respiration, pulse, height, weight, and temperature are important in a patient’s chart.” (Chan, P. a.)
The purpose that health care services take vital signs is to establish the patient’s admittance to a hospital, clinic, or other services that comes upon with a health care provider’s attention. Vitals signs can be taken by nurses, medical assistants, a physician, a
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