The Measures to Improve Professional Competence

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The measures to improve professional competence

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The measures to improve professional competence
Abstract:Professional competence is one of the fundamental principles of the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants.However,more and more firms accept engagements without enough competent professional skills,which turns out that,there are so much problems they can 't figure out or deal with,at last,they have to take the legal liabilities.Along with the expositions of fraud made by listed companies.The public become suspicious about professional competence of the certified public accountants.Because of the indignant denouncement of the investors,their prestige drops to
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The colleges should focus on the abilities,bring academic and professional skills education together. In the college phases,professional education is of great importance.Apart from the basic theories,college should connect the teaching method and actual working needs according to the knowledge of subject area that the principle of professional competence asks.In addition,colleges also need to offer courses in accordance with the requirements mentioned before.More and more colleges in our country have offered courses about specialized certified public accountant since 1994.According to some research report,the firms are satisfied with the graduates whose majors are specialized certified public accountant.They indicate that their comprehensive quality is generally above others majoring in accounting.In the meantime,the graduates give their feedback to their old
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