The Meat Industry And Dietary Recommendations

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Annotated Bibliographies Ferdman A. Roberto. “The Meat Industry worst Nightmare could become reality.” The Washington Post. Washington Post. 7, Jan. 2015. Web. 20, Oct. 2015. In The Washington Post, “The Meat Industry worst nightmare could become reality,” Roberto A. Ferdman, a reporter, acknowledges that meat production causes high amounts of carbon in the environment. Therefore, The U.S Department of Agriculture is debating about the environmental effects of the meat industry with dietary recommendations (Ferdman). The meat industry does find the conclusion bias because the environment and health are two different things (Ferdman). He reveals that Americans are now eating less meat, though the North American Meat institute suggests that “Americans don 't necessarily heed dietary recommendations." This is why in past years the dietary intake has been changed to “leaner meats” instead of “red meats” (Ferdman). He claims that to disregard meat completely from a diet would be impossible because “evidence is mixed on whether meat is actually harmful to [peoples] health.” The decision is to come to a conclusion at a later date. I can use this source by showing the other effects of the meat industry. For one I didn’t even know that carbon was used to kill the animals, I also was not aware that this actually effects the planet a

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