The Mechanical Peak Flow Meter Essay

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The prevalence of asthma has steadily grown in both the US and world populations, and continues to do so. In the US alone, 25 million people were diagnosed with asthma by 2010 (CDC, 2013). In turn, the need to accurately assess the functionality of a patient’s lung capacity is an essential step to begin diagnosis and treatment of their condition. This paper examines the mechanical peak flow meter, which was crafted for assessing lung function capacity in asthmatic patients. In addition, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of usage of the peak flow meter, as well as the proper usage. Among the various instruments used to assess a patient’s lung capacity, the mechanical peak flow meter is the most widely used and among one of the most precise measurement tools (CDC, 2013). Device History and Description Martin Wright developed the mechanical peak flow meter in 1959, it has been used to monitor serial lung function in asthmatics because it is inexpensive, compact, easy to use, and it provides an objective measure of lung function (Ayala, 2014, p.84). Moreover, the peak flow meter has evolved since its creation almost 60 years ago, in terms of both size and precision. In addition, patients can be taught to use the peak flow meter and monitor their own lung function to determine when to use different medications as directed by an asthma action plan, which is constructed by the patient’s physician and or caregivers. A Peak flow meter is a portable

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