The Mechanics, Electronics, And The Software

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There are three aspects to a robot that makes them work. The mechanics, electronics, and the software. For the robot that was designed by Faber industrial technologies to solve a Rubik’s cube. A Denso VS-650 six axis articulated machine arm, a Teledyne DALSA GEVA 1000 vision system, and two Genie GigE cameras are all put together in order to solve the puzzle. All the software runs in the same Microsoft Windows environment. The team at Faber industrial technologies uses a Windows PC for all of their software. They can even use Visual Basic directly on it for development. Since people were handing off Rubik cubes the team at Faber needed to verify that people were actually handing the robot clean cubes. Therefore before the robot solves…show more content…
The Cubestormer III uses parts and multiple motors from a Legos kit and the camera and processing power of a mobile phone to solve the cube. The fact that a mobile phone can be used to solve a Rubik’s cube is amazing. Just fifteen years ago a cell phone could only allow people to call or text one another. They may have had a couple of games and a camera to take pictures though cameras were a rare feature of a mobile phone. Now cell phones are like personal laptops. They have the ability to send and receive emails, stream music, run apps that allow people to get weather, news, and traffic information. The design and implementation of the robot required collaboration from the engineering team and the design team. The engineering team comprised of five people with customization experience. All the team members had a specific task that they carried out. One individual worked on the algorithm while someone else worked on the servo and another person worked on the fabrication along with the fifth member who worked on the vision system. Since the robot was going to be on display the team worked with a display and design team for the museum. The creative team was interested in what the engineers could do. Trust had to be created between the engineering and design teams. The creative team approached the engineers with requests and solutions were given by the engineers. Due to the high level of intricacy that was involved in this
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