The Mechanics Of Multiple Sclerosis Essay

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Imagine waking up with a steady tremor of your hands, an unpredictable pain in the head and eyes, or difficulty getting your legs to walk, or holding on to a wall while ambulating due to severe major cramping and muscle stiffness, these are the real expressions of Multiple Sclerosis. These neurological symptoms were first identified in the early 14th and 15th centuries. The immune system attacks the myelin of the brain & spinal cord causing a cessation or misinterpretation of communication with the rest of the body. Due to this destruction or damage to the myelin, scar tissue forms and there central nervous system cannot communicate with the body effectively. This is the mechanics of Multiple Sclerosis, a disease that affects many people across the globe. Jean Martin Charcot, born in Paris, France, on November 29th, 1825, was a French neurologist, who brought about advance teaching and diagnosing of Multiple Sclerosis. He spoke French, German, English, and Italian, so he became well abreast of the medical literature concerning neurology in his century. Related to all his neurological advancements in his time, he has been called the “founder of modern neurology” and “the professor of anatomical pathology”. In 1853, Charcot became the “Chef de Clinique”, after writing a substantial thesis on his work on the differences between chronic gout and rheumatoid arthritis. For three years, Charcot held the preceding position before becoming the main “physician to the

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