The Mechanisms Of Neural Communication

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Discuss the mechanisms of neural communication and explain the impact that different drugs can have on this communication. Neural Communication Everything we do is a product of neural communication, whether that be reacting to senses or feeling emotions, it is all due to us having neural communication through millions of neurons passing small electrical signals throughout the body through such pathways as the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system and passing information to and from the brain. These ‘’neurons’’ are made up of Dendrites which are connected to a cell body, or also known as the soma, these are tree-like feathery filament ‘’message receivers’’ that collect these messages from other neurons it is connected to, neurons are connected through a dendrite to axon terminal connections and pass these ‘’messages’’ through the body as action potentials. As well as these there are also the axon of the cell which is covered in myelin sheaths which carried information away from the cell body and hands the action potentials, these are small short bursts of change in the electrical charge of the axon membrane through openings of ion channels, off to the following neurons dendrites through terminal buttons at the end of the axons. Whenever an action potential is passed through these terminal buttons it releases a chemicals that pass on the action potential on to the next neuron through the terminal button and dendrite connection. The chemicals that are
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