The Medi Good Or Bad?

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Bigots in Media: Good or Bad? In his essay “Why A&E Should Put “Duck Dynasty’s” Racist Homophobe Back on the Air”, Richard Kim argues that in order to fight racism and homophobia, racist homophobic bigots like Phil Robertson from “Duck Dynasty” should get more media exposure; his exact words are “[Duck Dynasty] should show Robertson being as homophobic as he pleases, in his home, his church, his community.” (Kim 2) His opinion is that people should see “the whole picture – homophobia included” in order to fully understand that people still believe as Robertson does, and hence fight racism and homophobia. (Kim 3) I agree with Robertson that in order to fight racism and homophobia people should see the whole picture – people need to see that racism is still very much alive in order to fight it. But I also believe, that in order to fight homophobia, it would be more effective if homosexuals themselves are portrayed more on TV. The first step to combating any problem is raising awareness - we cannot solve a problem that people do not know, or do not believe exists. For example, a lot of people did not know about the disease ALS until the ice bucket challenge went viral on social media. After the challenge went viral, public awareness and the donations to several ALS associated charities soared. Similarly, we cannot fight racism or homophobia if people do not believe that it still exists, or even recognize it as a problem. Hence, showcasing racism and homophobia on TV and
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