The Media: A Powerful Voice

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For decades, the media has been an influential instrument in the political realm. In today’s politics, the media is a necessary part of the campaign process and is undoubtedly a powerful tool for candidates in getting their message to the public and the engine by which public opinion is formed. But just how powerful is the media? defines the media as, “The means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines that reach or influence people widely.” Media influences daily lives and dictates social norms. In such an advanced technology age, everything is publicized on some form of media. News stories, fashion trends, celebrity reports, and political events are all discussed in the news, social media networks, and newspaper articles. Media has been involved in U.S. politics since the beginning of the nation and has evolved in scope over time. Obviously early politicians did not have computers or radio, but they did use newspapers and verbal announcements in the early 1700’s. To reach supporters, politicians use the newest form of media available. Modern politicians use social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to influence public opinion. The media has grown from reaching viewers regionally to reaching them globally.
As media began to utilize new technology, candidates and elected officials learned to never miss an…
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