The Media: A Source of Information or Manipulation?

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The role of news media is imperative to modern democratic process. For most of the people news media is a dominant source of information about the world they tell us what matters, who matters so the quality of democracy depends upon the information media provides (Lewis, 1997). If we want to understand how media works we have to look at its institutional structure for example how it is organized, who controls and funds the media (Chomsky, 1997). Now the big questions is does all the information we get from mainstream media is authentic? Or some views are dominant while others are excluded. In past 30 years there has been a large research that the media is influenced by wealthy businesses and conservative interests (Herman, 1997). My thesis…show more content…
Media locates reporters on primary news sources for example at the Pentagon, Whitehouse where they get news from government officials. Now at this point few important questions arise that why the media have to depend on the government or corporations for news source? Why they can`t find news on their own? From the media`s perspective they think if there is some source that gives news everyday and media takes that news at face value without worrying whether that its true or false so for media this source is economical (Herman, 1997). Economize in a way that the media can`t place reporters in all locations because physically and financially it is not possible and furthermore, they don’t have to pay anything to the government for the news. Moreover, there is a symbiotic relation between media, government and corporations, which means a relationship of mutual benefit and dependence. So according to me this relationship leads towards media propaganda as the media is directly or indirectly writing what the government wants them to write. Definitely government and corporations are not going to provide the information, which is against their interest or benefit and secondly, the media is also not going to write anything against government because it is there reliable source of news. To support my argument I would to like talk about Obama`s press conferences at the Whitehouse where every journalist is not allowed to ask questions. Top television journalists got
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