The Media Access Control Address

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1. Introduction
Media Access control address is a permanent/fixed address which is assigned to every hardware device connected to a network (wireless adapter, network interface card etc.) by the hardware manufacturer. Every device on a network has an ip address, IP is an internet protocol which give unique identity to the devices at network layer. IP address can be frequently changed. One the other side, MAC addresses are permanent and they work at layer 2 (data link layer). MAC Address is also known as hardware address or physical address of a device. Changing of MAC address may allow the bypassing of access control list of router/servers by hiding the computer/device on a network or allowing it to deceive another network devices. This is called the spoofing of MAC Address. The media address control spoofing does not mean that we can write the new Mac on the chipset of network interface card but the Mac spoofing is the way to change MAC details of physical configuration of the operating system. Spoofing is used to hiding the original machine which sent the data, this can be done to avoid original machine address or to make it undetectable. For the safety reasons we don’t want to show the original address of the machine which send the data , because hackers ,viruses etc. can target our machines by knowing the original MAC addresses. MAC spoofing is one of the biggest threat for cybercrime investigation agencies, in this today’s world there is no physical evidence where the
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