The Media And Entertainment Industries

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In the late nineteenth century, the television (TV) became one of the greatest innovations that was established by numerous individuals, so that the makers could advance technology through visual and audio communication. This would allow citizens to acquire information from economics and politics, which would benefit citizens by staying informed about specific topics. However, the media and entertainment industries would eventually expand their ideas for new channel stations, so that the industries could appeal to a new target audience. This new target audience would emerge as children between the ages of 3-18, due to the creation of new animations that would entertain and educate children. Considering that children would have the opportunity to see the world through multiple aspects by cartoons and movies. However, as children kept watching the TV on a daily basis, parents started to notice that their child’s behavior would change for the worst. These types of behaviors were called undesirable behaviors, which were objectionable by other parents and children, since undesirable behaviors tend to initiate physiological and psychological harm to oneself or to others. For instance, undesirable behaviors would cause the child to misbehave in school or lead the child to gain an enormous amount of weight that results in health problems. Therefore, children between the ages of 3-18 who watch an excessive amount of TV will exhibit an increase of undesirable behaviors that will…
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