The Media And Gender Stereotypes In The Media

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Incredibly stereotypical

The media as a whole is surrounded and intertwined with many stereotypical views involving gender roles. The biggest reason why there are norms in the first place is because it makes life relatively simpler and effortless. The majority of society tends to follow this ideology which is not wrong to have a simple life but it should not include gender norms because it creates too much chaos between the sexes. This leads to the predator/prey mindset that Julia Serano speaks about in her Article “Why Nice Guys Finish Last” that makes men into predators and females seen as whores and virgins. Biased gender roles can be seen almost anywhere, like movies, advertisements, music and television shows. In music, artists sing creatively standing for and against gender stereotypes. Movies are huge influencers of gender stereotyping as well. Rappers are usually the ones to rap disturbingly about females and Disney movies frequently encourage traditional gender roles to be seen as a norm for society. For example, the Wu Tang Clan sing about respecting women in one of their songs this illustrates how most rappers encourage sexual abuse or being sexual predators in their lyrics the Wu Tang Clan reject this stereotypical view on women. In the movie the Incredibles, the family have biased super powers that reflect the gender stereotype view of men and women in the real world. The Wu Tang Clan rejects gender norms by preaching against predator/prey mindset through

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